SCMCO 1st Soccer Tournament 2014

Last weekend at the Irvine Great Park, over 550 players participated in SCMCO's 1st Joint Masajid Soccer Tournament with over 40 mosques coming from all over California. OCIF participated with three teams over 30, one under 30, two under 19, one under 14, one under 10 and one team for Girls Open.

Please join us in congratulating OCIF's teams for winning the championship in some of the categories:

OCIF Under 10 Boys team won the championship:
Under 10 Boys Players: Rehan Alam, Hamza Aman, Yousef Salem, Zayd Salem, Amman Tariq, Adam Jubran, Omar Rahhal

OCIF Under 14 Boys team won the championship:
Under 14 Boys Players: Abdullah Jaber, Abdelaziz Jaber, Ismail Abdelkader, Khaled Alkairi, Omar Alkhairi, Zane Farrelly, Yusuf Ahmed

OCIF Girls Open team won the 2nd place:
Girls Open Players: Afnan Jaber, Natalia Sholakh, Ilyana Sholakh, Selena Sholakh, Yara Shiekh.

If you are interested to join OCIF Soccer team for next year's tournament, please visit the office anytime Monday-Friday from 9:00-5:00pm to register.

Click here to view photos of OCIF's Soccer Teams for SCMCO's First Soccer Tournament